Is Sex a Taboo?

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Is “Sex”, really Taboo?


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As usual, here we are back again with an extremely controversial article related to sexual confusion, everyone passes through one’s life.

By the time the explicit facts about sex and its basics are revealed, the person is already married to someone or bonded for life, and it’s too late to undo the mistake called Blind Marriage (Part 1 and Part 2).

African Country more Advanced than India?

The video of great discussion in an African country’s parliament, where the health minister is openly advertising about “Silent and Better Condoms” during one of his Parliamentary debates!

Is this type of debate possible in any other country’s parliament?

You can’t believe your eyes, then please watch the video placed below: –

Courtesy: Youtube

The Explicit Truth!

Every person, in the Indian subcontinent, are great souls who feel awkward in talking about sex in open forums.

If we see anyone talking about the sex, then we all give such a look to that person, as if he or she has asked their kidney on loan.

Bollywood Blues. In blockbuster Bollywood “Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam”, the heroine in her late 20s (Mrs. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan), locks her lips with the hero (Mr. Salman Khan), but within seconds of lips’ contact, the actress disengages herself.

When the confused hero asks, “What happened?”, She shares her concerns that if she kisses him, then she will get pregnant! WTF? Sadly, speaking this condition is relevant to most of the girls even after their marriage.

Early Exposure to Sex. When kids see actors in movies on the internet performing various sexual activities, then the actual curiosities start.

No elder (including parents) around them, actually even attempts to understand their physical and psychological confusion.

Basically the kids are left on their own to clarify their doubts related to sex and intimacy.

In simple words, they need to self chool themselves on “Sex Education”, through the unreliable sources like peers, internet etc.

Internet Helps? With the advancement of technology, internet services and smartphones are getting cheaper every day.

So, it is easier for parents to afford both technologies for their kids, so that they can learn more vital facts about science and technological advancements.

But due to the confusion prevalent related to sex and related issues, the smartphones and the internet are used for assimilating sex education.
sex: a taboo?Then the attempt to explore more about sex starts, from whatever source possible like the internet, Facebook, supposed to be true literature on sex, sex stories, schoolmates (who are equally confused about it!).

Sex Education. Parents expect schoolteachers to give sex education to their kids!

Also, parents, most of the time assume that it’s their kid’s responsibility to learn about sex and its related activities (on their own!) from their own resources.

It’s a known fact that anything labelled with the term Sex, attracts not only the attention of adults but kids too.

sex: a taboo?

Sex is never considered as “Good Idea” for the school curriculum.

Schools and teachers expect the parents to teach their kids about sex education, whereas parents expect school authorities to do the needful.

Now, what is the result?

A confused psychological state of mind of all kids, who are ready to explore and experiment on sex-related doubt in every method under the sun.

Unanswered Question. How can teachers be made responsible for opening up kids to be inquisitive about sex-related topics with them and clear all their doubts, when their own producers (or biological parents) are not comfortable discussing sex with their kids?

Confused Adolescence

Masturbation Queries. Is masturbation the natural and wholesome substitute of sex?

Can hands or fingers (in masturbation) substitute the whole human body (opposite-sex partner) or are we just trying to make a fool of our sex organs?

sex: a taboo?

Unanswered Questions. Parents are least bothered about the facts like whether our son or daughter has started masturbating or not? If yes, then when they are doing this act?

Are they following safe practices or harming themselves?

Are they using porn movies on their smartphones to get excited and release their stress?

It is also assumed the fact that if one wants to avoid masturbation for life, then that person should get married! Is that actually true?

Married readers can give better answers!

sex: a taboo?

Arranged Marriage aka Spouse?

Ready for Marriage? Once a girl or boy achieves the “golden age” of 23 years and above, the parents start jumping for marrying them off!


Because they are afraid that their son or daughter may get physically involved with someone.

Special mention to girls, who may also get pregnant!

Who will take responsibility for abortion and associated social stigma?

Its a socially accepted assumption that the boys and girls should quietly accept “Arranged Marriages” (Part 1 and Part 2) proposals of the family’s choice because the couple’s compatibility and resultant sex is not their domain to worry about!

Courtesy – Youtube

Everything is assumed to fine, once both are married, as they will understand each other by performing the sacred ritual of “First Night”!


First Night 

We never allow our daughters to talk or think about sex, till the moments before her “First Night “(Everything is left on the assumption that “ALL WILL BE WELL!”).

Also, we never try to find out what happened in the “First Night” and again leave everything important thing on the assumption that “ALL WAS WELL!”.

Unanswered Questions. What if the performance during the First Night was not even satisfactory?

What if the size of the penis was not even worth the money spent on the marriage celebration?

What if the husband finds it exceedingly difficult to keep his penis erected or even survive the act for 2 minutes?

sex: a taboo?

The silence of the Lamb (Bride). In India, during the First Night, brides are expected to play along with the tunes of their newly appointed husband.

She is not expected to show her accumulated knowledge about sex.

She is expected to behave like a lamb, who knows nothing and looks towards her husband for directives.

If the bride expresses her intentions to have the same pleasure as that of her husband, then the first question which pops up in the husband’s mind “Is she an experienced whore?”.

Marital Woes

Infertility. Everyone (especially Mother-in-Law) surely jumps when she doesn’t get pregnant within the first or second year of marriage.

By the third or fourth marriage anniversary, the wife’s fertility happens to be the talk of the family (and maybe the whole town)!

Culprit Wife. It is an accepted fact that if the lady is not able to conceive, then she is infertile.

By the time the real culprit (Husband) gets exposed regarding his physical condition of infertility, the lady by then gets psychologically raped by her family members many times!

But, if the fault is detected in the husband (and this fact is kept secret by him and his parents), even then the wife is expected to stay quiet.

Sex – Men’s Right. We all feel that men only need sex and females are not supposed to talk about sex or have physical needs.

We need to understand basic psychology first.

In India, girls are kept with lots of restrictions.

Starting from clothes, boyfriends, online activities on social media, etc.

Their steps are scrutinized at every level.

Slowly the fundamental nature of “sheep” gets inculcated inside every Indian girl.

They start behaving as if, thinking about sex becomes a crime.

But is this the real fact? No!

sex: a taboo?

Lady’s Kick on Dick. Ladies need sex with the same body’s requirement as that of men.

Even when expecting to achieve orgasm, when they don’t reach climax, the level of frustration accumulated in a lady’s mind and body happens to be much more than that of men.

If a hot-headed woman indulges ins sex with a man, but his game doesn’t survive even for two minutes, then that woman gets more frustration accumulated within her mind and body than her male counterpart.

If she is allowed by law, she will not mind even killing that man on the same bed, without delay only. Or his incapable dick will surely be kicked for sure.

sex: a taboo?

Sex Toy Shops? Sex toys play a significant role in improving pleasure during sex.

Since sex is permitted after marriage, and with World’s second-largest population in this country, the unavailability of sex toy shops is just unimaginable.

The government and people need to understand that a person legally and officially performs sex after marriage for the next 30 to 40 years.

Courtesy – YouTube

Marital Blues. With the restriction of having sex with the only spouse, for 30 to 40 years complicates the issue.

So, sex toys should be allowed in this country. When it has been accepted as an essential aspect of life in a foreign country, then nothing should stop Indians too.


Sex Toys: A Distant Dream. Have you ever thought of visiting or even the requirement of a sex toy shop in India?

Although, if given a chance then every girl and boy will prefer to have one sex toy 24×7 with her or him. Even married couples too, require external help of sex toys to manage the game after 20 to 30 years of marriage.

Free Internet Porn

Now, most of the Indian population has smartphones, be it more affordable handset (Thanks to global cutthroat competitions in the sale of smartphones!).

Mi smartphones have revolutionized the Indian Smartphone market, by successfully penetrating deep suburban towns and villages. We may not find electricity in these places but will find smartphones ringing in top volumes.

Reliance Jio penetrated deep into the Indian mobile internet market in mid-2016 and resultant cut-throat competition in the telecom sector.

Now every soul, who can pay Rs. 300, gets 1 GB of mobile data, every day, for 84 days!!! Can you beat that price?

With 1 GB data every day, a person can scan a lot of porn movies! Everyday!

Now with every soul with personal smartphones is master of his or her own will. You want to watch porn, just close your room doors and bang!

Mobile Addiction. In the early old days, we used to have some events, done throughout the day, where some personal time was ensured.

The morning routine of potty and bathing, eating food, sleeping, and resting.

As a result of addiction to smartphones, human beings have invented many ways and means to stay connected on social media 24×7.

We have just crossed all limits of being online updated about who is doing what, when, and where.

Cut Throat Competition = Stress. With increased ambitions to earn more money and surviving the market’s cut-throat competition, 24×7 connectivity of the World Wide Web results in further elongated or extended working hours and less rest.

This elevates the stress levels in our bodies.

Amazon is incredibly famous in the Global World for the never-ending workload.

Senior Managers just find it extremely difficult to hold back their tears during official board meetings, where targets don’t match with expectations.

sex: a taboo?

Just imagine that you have planned for great sex tonight, but suddenly you receive an abusive message (SMS or WhatsApp) from your boss, criticizing your blunder, committed in the office today, asking you to meet him in the office next morning. Will you be able to maintain your performance after reading that message?

Modern Technology 

With phenomenal advancements in the field of smartphones, automobiles, social media, online services, the requirement of someone to move the body is slowly diminishing.

Everything is available with a click of a button. With Swiggy, Zomato, Uber eats and food chains like McDonald’s Dominoes, Pizza Huts, the requirement of making food at home is going for a toss.

With so many discounts and offers, we also get tempted to order everything online.

With modern technology comes the laziness, which slowly reduces the body’s capacity to perform in bed.

We all have adopted a sedentary lifestyle (including our little children), which increases the risk of developing Type II Diabetes and as mentioned above is the only reason.

Consequences: Unhealthy Marriages 

Unhappy or unsatisfied marriage results in 24×7 emotional and physical stress, which leads to overeating (It’s a known fact that overeating, special mention to sweets, happens to be a significant stress buster) and results in further health complications.

Both stress and overeating lead to lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes, hypertension, etc.

These diseases catch hold of your life like the second spouse.

With lifestyle diseases also added to an unhappy marriage, God only knows the future consequences! While dealing with lifestyle diseases, every soul knows that medical expenses happen to go out of control.

sex: a taboo?


So, till marriage, your parents will keep track of your sex issues.

After marriage, your “Arranged Spouse” will keep track of your Sexual Instinct.

Whether you love your spouse or not, he or she will ensure that you don’t get what your body wants!

Due to” Unhappy Marriage”, if you try to explore the options of “Extra Marital Affairs” or “One Night Stand”, then you can be ready to face a Divorce case with unrealistic Compensation!

So, by taking birth in a conservative Indian Family and getting into Forced Arranged Marriage, YOU ARE BOUND TO DIE AS “SEXUALLY DEPRIVED ANIMAL”!

Now with so much of restrictions in One’s Sex Life, the mind and body keep contradicting each other.

The body wants sex, but the mind loudly read out social rules and regulations.

What to do? Nothing, just use your hands or fingers and keep regretting taking birth in the Indian subcontinent.

Even marriage cannot guarantee a satisfying sex life.

This results in Indians contracting lifestyle diseases at a very early age. Depression, High BP, Diabetes, etc.

What next?

Social Acceptance. Let us accept the fact that sex is not an essential but necessary requirement of a human being.

Instead of considering as taboo, let us accept it as a topic worth discussing openly, without any hesitation.

Parents need to understand the importance of SEX EDUCATION. For kids, parents also need to follow the policy of “LIVE AND LET LIVE.”

The Worst Phase

The obsession of men with a woman’s breasts is surely an open secret.

In ancient India, the caste system was a tool, where the men of the upper caste used to crave their obsession with the woman’s breast.

So, watch the award-winning video posted below to have the first-hand experience of those harsh times.

Courtesy – Youtube

Social Experiments in Search of Sex Monsters

One YouTuber tried to do a social experiment by posing as a poor woman struggling to get some money to feed herself.

But instead of getting any money, she ended up getting something, she never imagined in her worst dream. For the full story please watch the Youtube video posted below:-

Courtesy – Youtube

Sexual Oppression: Open Secret of Workplace

Then comes a social experiment, where a girl approaches her old colleague posted at the airport for rejoining her old job. They interlock she had to face to rejoin her old job is also a revelation.

Courtesy – Youtube

The Reality

When someone around us is heard talking anything related to SEX, we all start looking left and right or superficially act as a shocked soul. 

Why? Is it a crime to talk about sex?

If yes, then why we try to see the content through the wink of our eyes, whenever we see the word SEX mentioned on any banner or billboard.

Land of “Sex” Deprived Society?

1. Parents don’t believe in educating their kids about sex and feel that sex education shall be a compulsory subject in school. Whereas school authorities feel that its parents’ responsibility to instruct their kids about sex.

2. Kids have their own ways and means to find out answers to all queries related to sex, which crops up when they see actors and actresses trying various sex-related acts in Bollywood Movies.

3. Mobile and cheap mobile internet data war by Jio ensures free availability of porn @ 1 GB of mobile internet data per day at the cost of just Rs. 399 for 3 months!

4. Girls (and boys) are not allowed to have a sincere relationship with the opposite sex. They are also NOT allowed to wear clothes of their choice. They are not supposed to enjoy night outs with their friends.

5. If you are a girl or a boy, then you are supposed to get attracted to the opposite sex only. Getting attracted to the same or both sex is legally allowed now (in 2018 AD!) but still not an acceptable policy. 

Surprisingly. while Arranging Marriage for you, No one asks you about your sexual orientation. It is assumed for Good!

6. Girls and Boys are NOT allowed to marry the person they love (most of the cases).

They must quietly accept the marriage proposal (Part 1 and Part 2) from the person belonging to the same religion, caste, or race.

In the case of boys, they must marry a girl, whose father offers a maximum dowry.

7. Even though sex is a prohibited topic for girls, till marriage, but after Forced Arranged Marriage, they are expected to have the best sex in their FIRST NIGHT! How? The couple will MANAGE!

sex: a taboo?

8. After marriage, followed by First Night, the girl is supposed to get pregnant (Part 1 and Part 2) before her first or second marriage anniversary, irrespective of the facts, whether she is happy with her Arranged Husband or not!


9. After marriage, masturbation is just not acceptable. One has to MANAGE with the “Arranged Spouse”. Extra Marital affair to save Arranged Marriage is just a “Sin”.

10. If a person has crossed the golden era of youth, then you are expected to spend more time with God. Sex is oops!

11. Censorship. Uttarakhand High Court gave orders to revive the 2015 ban on adult websites in India following an incident where four students had raped a minor in a school.

The court argued that access to porn was responsible for enabling such behaviour.

While unchecked access to pornographic content that may land up in a minor’s hand is a genuine concern, is banning all adults from accessing such content really the solution? We wonder.

12. The sex toy is not sold in the open market. One must either order it online or visit some foreign country and buy the required STUFF!

13. Discussing sex-related issues in the public forum is just out of the question.

14. The girl cannot buy condoms. Its men’s tool.

Phew! That was depressing! Now readers will surely agree that they have been living “Sex Deprived Life” (Part 1 and Part 2) to date! That’s why Indian Men and Women contract diseases at an early age of life.

Explicit Questions: Sex

To understand the issue, we need to ask some fundamental questions: –

1. If sex is taboo in India, then how come it is the second-most populous country in the World?

Why people in the Indian Subcontinent, are afraid of talking openly about sex?

With such taboo attached to sex or conservative thinking, India’s population should have shrunk since Independence in 1947!sex: a taboo?

2. Is sex only a men’s game? Ladies don’t need sex? Think again!

sex: a taboo?

3. Is sex an essential requirement of an adult human body or just a routine to be performed after marriage?

4. Is sex a body’s requirement ONLY after marriage? No!

If we check the check-in details of all lodges and hotels or porn websites (where SECRET sexual acts secretly recorded), the truth about premarital sex will be much more severe than what appears in superficial life!sex: a taboo?

5. When or in what age for both girls and boys need sex? God knows!

6. If a person marries at the age of 40 or 45, then does that mean that he or she shall never even think about sex? If No, then what are the calculations for solving this natural confusion between body and mind?

7. By decriminalizing Gay Sex in 2018, are we not trying to accept a century-old blunder of torturing the LGBT community by not allowing to exercise their instinct openly, to date? Yes!

Will the responsible people own up the mistake of the crimes committed against the LGBT community by criminalizing gay sex?
sex: a taboo?

8. Is sex education not required at all? If yes, then why parents shy away from teaching sex education to their kids in a comfortable environment of home?

9. Why it is left to kids to manage explicit details about sex from friends or the internet or fake books with attractive titles?

10. Can we assume that forced arranged marriages and consequent marital incompatibility are one of the main reasons for Extra-marital affairs?

Can we blame parents for forcing their sons and daughters to quietly accept arranged marriage’s proposal for the sake of fake social dignity and thus resulting in Unhappy Marriages and consequent sexual unsatisfactory life?

11. Is Indian madness to have a male child, despite having many daughters, the main reason for the high population density of India?

12. Is SEX TOYS’ SHOP a fundamental requirement of the Indian Population? If No, then why not? How will the existence of Sex Toys Shops in India harm the population?

13. Are movies (which show sexual content for the sake of good earnings) responsible for spreading wrongs concepts on sex or physical intimacy?

Sex: Digging into History

Kamasutra. The Kama Sutra is an ancient Indian Sanskrit text and Worlds’s Oldest Literature on sexuality, eroticism and emotional fulfillment in life.

Attributed to Vatsyayana the Kama Sutra is neither exclusively nor predominantly a sex manual on sex positions but written as a guide to the “art-of-living” well, the nature of love, finding a life partner, maintaining one’s love life, and other aspects about pleasure-oriented faculties of human life.

sex: a taboo?

According to Wendy Doniger, the Kamasutra became “one of the most pirated books in English language” soon after it was published in 1883 by Richard a taboo?

Khajuraho. The Khajuraho temples feature a variety of artwork, of which 10% is sexual or erotic art outside and inside the temples.

Some of the temples that have two layers of walls have small erotic carvings on the outside of the inner wall.

Some scholars suggest these be tantric sexual practices. Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh, India is a UNESCO world heritage site.

sex: a taboo?

India is the originator of sex literature Kamasutra and also has the only temple in the world with sex positions drawn on its walls.

The whole world got inspired by these masterpieces, but we Indians always shied away from openly discussing them.


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