Secrets of Infertility and Extramarital Pregnancy

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Secrets of Infertility and Extramarital Pregnancy


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On this planet, every lady passes through one of the most evolution of life called “Pregnancy” (Part 1 and Part 2).

In many cases a lady gets pregnant many times, irrespective of the fact whether she is ready for it or not.

In case they do get pregnant in an unplanned manner, they do explore the option of abortion, due to many reasons affecting their future lives.

But, in many other cases, just for the sake of getting pregnant, a lady has to bend lots of social rules and regulations.

Many secrets are kept deep inside their hearts, which they may be willing to share with someone close to them, but can’t.

So, Team Explicit Facts has worked hard and explored the unchartered waters of the “Pregnancy Market”, which will surely blow everyone’s imagination.

Without wasting any further time let’s dive into the topic.


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Real-Life Incident

(This is a real-life incident and story of an anonymous man, who wanted to help people and make big in life)

The year 1995: Life of a Struggling Soul. I just passed my high school and I started my engineering study in a big city.

I along with a friend rented an apartment.

Big city, rent, college expenses my finances were very tight, as all expenses came from my father.

So I started looking for part-time jobs, but all were overworked and underpaid.

Advertisement for Hope. One day, I saw an advertisement about blood donation for a patient with monetary benefits.

So I called the number and I was told to come to an address.

When I reached there, it was a private hospital.

They took my blood, found it total clean and matched their requirement and I donated the blood.

They paid me the money, but my conscience didn’t allow me to take money for a humanitarian cause and I refused.

Lady doctor asked me the reason and I told her I can’t take it. So, I left.

Call of Opportunity. After a week, I got a call from the same doctor asking me to see her.

I went to see her.

She gave an offer for sperm donation. I was a little shy. But somehow, she convinced me and I agreed.

After all medical checkups, she told me to come on Sunday.

As Sunday approached I went to her hospital.

I met her and she gave me a proposal to impregnate a woman naturally.

I was confused and she explained everything about a woman, who was married for 8 years with no kid.

I was again confused. But after many deliberations and convincing from her, I agreed.

She took me to an apartment and there I met this married woman. A very beautiful woman.

I was introduced to her and that evening I was told to sleep with her the whole night, with special instructions to have sex as many times as I can.

Long Night. Now the doctor left and we both were alone and quiet.

I was nervous as hell, as I never had sex before.

Whole apartment and a couple, who were meeting for the first time.

So, there was a pin drop silence.

Slowly, she started the conversation, and we talked like 1 hour. 

Then she made the first move and came closer to me.

I looked at her and kissed her on her cheeks, she smiled.

I hugged her, my heartbeat was racing a 100-meter race.

I put my lips on her lips and I started kissing and sucking.

Sacred Games. We undressed ourselves and the first time, i happen to see a beautiful woman, totally naked.

I started kissing her from top to bottom, sucked her nipples.

I penetrated her and within a minute I unloaded a load of sperm inside. That was really quick.

That was the evening time and we had company till morning.

My barrier of shyness and nervousness was over and we had sex 3 more times.

Pay Time. The next day, I was paid good money. I was like wow!

Next 3 years, I impregnated at least 14 women.

I never asked the doctor what was the result, but she called me 14 times and I was paid handsomely.

5 Women sent me gifts and money as a bonus through the doctor.

I was never told their identity.

One day, I asked the doctor how many kids I have now, she replied and said your strike rate is 100%.

That part of my life is still top-secret.

Right now I am married with 2 beautiful kids, living a quality family life.

Unexplained Silent Problems

It is pumped into the heads of girls by their families, that they can have sex only after marriage.

Also, they can have sex only with their husbands.

But when infertility hits a couple after marriage, suddenly the rules of the game change, and the sole aim is centered around to have kids.

Even at the cost of wife sleeping with some random fertile males.

Unanswered Questions

Is it not important that the females or males should get the opportunity to check out the fertility of their future spouses, before tying up the sacred bond of marriage?

In the cases of arranged marriages, where the girl or boy gets married to the spouse of their families’ choice, but later on, found to be infertile. Who will be responsible for this fiasco? The easiest answer is God!

Will the family be able to help the person, who silently married a stranger (without asking any questions), but somehow got hooked to an infertile person?

Since there is no other way to check the fertility of a person, other than they undergoing the full fertility test… Should the fertility test be made mandatory for both bride and groom, so as to avoid the life scaring complexities in childbirth after marriage?

If after the negative fertility test results the couple wishes to get married, then it’s okay, as they will be mentally prepared for the tough and testing times awaiting them.

Is this not the case of extramarital pregnancy, where the wife needs to sleep with some random fertile male to get pregnant, irrespective of her desire to undergo such ordeal?

Is this issue of extramarital pregnancy somehow related to the inheritance of ancestral property?


Because a child never bears any branding of a real mother’s egg or father’s sperm, thus leaving a big loophole for the couples to exploit.

By following this way, the stigma of being an infertile male just vanishes.

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Do the ladies struggling with pregnancies keep their husbands informed while having sex with random males, with high sperm counts?

If infertile husbands know about them, then do they willingly accept this scenario of their wife sleeping with random more fertile men?

If the infertile husbands are not aware of their wives, sleeping with random more fertile men, then how will they react when they actually find out about this arrangement?

Will they be able to love their wife in the same manner, as they used to love before finding out about this secret?

Once they realize that the kid is not from their sperm or not their own, will they be able to love that kid without any mental block?

Do these fertile men or sperm donors inform their wives about their part-time job of having sex with random females, struggling to have kids, and their source of additional income?

If yes, then do their wives accept the scenario without any fuss, as they are helping struggling females and thus the source of extra income?

Or will their mind will undergo the silent trauma of them sharing their husbands with any random females?

If no, then does it psychologically degrade these sperm donors from inside for hiding such a piece of important information from their wives?

Having unprotected sex with so many females may even lead to the unknowingly spreading of Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Do these doctors force their fertile males or sperm donors to undergo testing for STDs, before they sleep with their next client?

Is this problem, somewhere linked to the stigma attached to an infertile person in our society, which forces both partners to pass through tough and testing times?

Is it so easy for the lady to forget that the child from extramarital sex, she bears in her womb does not belong to her legally wedded husband?

Will the child out of extramarital sex, will have any sort of natural bonding with his namesake father?

Will that child ever have any normal life, irrespective of all precautions taken by the couple?

Courtesy – Youtube

Lifestyle Problems

Is this issue of infertile husbands, somewhere related to lifestyle dysfunctional problems or late marriage?

Generally, these problems of infertility in men are more relevant in the below-mentioned cases:-

  • Males who marry in their late thirties or early forties. With age, fertility reduces due to low sperm count.
  • Financially affluent males, who remain immersed in their business or jobs or are after wealth.
  • Men suffering from lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, etc.
  • With a sedentary lifestyle and excessive use of smartphones/ laptops, more people are falling prey to obesity.

Professional stress due to cut-throat competition and never-ending office targets takes a toll on their fertility.

Sometimes, the couple belongs to financially affluent families, where there is a lot of tussles related to ancestral properties.

Producing a child or having at least a male child is, many a time linked as an eligibility factor for inheriting the ancestral property.

Also, the females are branded useless or infertile, if she fails to produce a kid within 3 to 5 years of their marriage. Even if the husband happens to be infertile.

Her mother-in-law will never allow the fact of her own son being an infertile man, to even be considered once.

So, strings attached to the inheritance of ancestral property, force couples to work hard to produce kids, even if they have to allow their wife to sleep with other fertile males.


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