Secrets of Pre-Marital Pregnancy

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How I Survived Pre-Marital Pregnancy?


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With globalization and social media, the world has shrunk into a small place, where distance just doesn’t matter.

With the empowerment of females with equal rights and opportunities like that of men, the gender gap between both the sex is also reducing at a very fast pace.

Slowly, the young generation is appearing to be more experimental and taking some bolder steps, which were deemed impossible a few decades back.

I got pregnant and my boyfriend told his family about it.

Recently, we came across a great story, where a young lady managed Pre-Marital Pregnancy.

Pre-Marital Sex

I live in India and most of the families here are still very conservative and not very open to the idea of premarital sex.

So this was back in May 2017, I was in the final year of my graduation. I had my final exams coming right up, and I couldn’t study properly as my missed period was really bothering me. Usually, I am not late more than 2–3 days.

I took the test at home for a few times but the result was always negative. I was getting some pregnancy symptoms but I couldn’t really differentiate it from the regular PMS. Also, I wasn’t really sure because we used protection.


After a week of the delayed period and the constant negative pregnancy test, I finally went to a hospital with my boyfriend.

I gave my urine and blood sample and to my horror, I was pregnant!

I was freaking out but somehow tried to keep my calm as it was an early pregnancy and I knew that it could be dropped with some abortion pills. But, that’s not where the horror ended.

I was taken for an ultrasound and they told me I am pregnant, but they cannot locate the baby! And there are chances that it is not a normal but an ectopic pregnancy.

I had no clue what an ectopic pregnancy was and the doctor explained to me and my boyfriend, that it is when the egg is implanted outside the uterus.

She said there was a chance that they couldn’t locate the egg as it’s early pregnancy and that is why the home pregnancy test was coming negative.

Now, it did make sense to me and my boyfriend.

I Was Doomed!

And then these are the words of the doctor that implied, I am doomed!

She said maybe I’ll have to get a surgery done otherwise my fallopian tube could be ruptured and maybe I’ll never be able to conceive again.

She also said I could also lose my life. My brain stopped functioning!

She gave us a big list of tests that would cost about Rs. 7K- 8K and asked us to get it done immediately so that they could start the process.

I had some savings and without a thought, I asked my boyfriend to pay for it using my card.

Now him being equally scared, but still being the sensible one, sensed that something was wrong with this whole thing and maybe they are just trying to extort money.

My Boyfriend

He overheard someone talking about making some changes in my ultrasound report.

He asked me to wait and to go to some other hospital.

I trusted him with it and agreed upon the same. But we couldn’t wait and he was not willing to risk my health, as the doctor had really scared the shit out of us.

Also, he knew it would be the end for us, if my parents get to know about this.

So as soon as we came out of the hospital, he hugged me and said he will get me out of it.

Boyfriend’s Parents!

Despite my requests not to call his parents, he called his mom and told her all about it.

He said to her “All my life, I have never really troubled you with anything, but I am sorry I’ve made a mistake this time. Please get me out of it. And please don’t let anything happen to her.”

He didn’t think about how this could affect his relationship with his parents.

He didn’t think what would this mean for him.

All he cared at that time was about me and my well being.

Surprisingly, she did not scold him for it and said she will be here, first thing in the morning. (My boyfriend does not stay in his hometown as he is pursuing higher studies) .

Being the sweetheart that his mother is, she came to us on the same night itself.

I had met his mother before but this time it was so uncomfortable.

I didn’t know how to face her. But when she met me, she was as nice as ever.

Boyfriend’s Mother

She took me to a very good hospital the next day, but we could not get an ultrasound done as the doctor said we should wait before getting another ultrasound.

So, it was still quite unclear if I had an ectopic pregnancy.

The doctor gave me an injection(methotrexate) and told me that it would terminate the pregnancy wherever the egg is located.

But, there were chances that this may result in internal bleeding and enormous pain and if that happens, I need to be rushed to the hospital.

One Long Night!

Now, adding to our misery, we had one long night in front of us, where I was supposed to be at my home, away from my boyfriend and his mother, and on this night, something can happen to me!

The thought itself was so horrifying.

That one night was the scariest night of my life.

I knew if something happens, I’ll have to tell my parents.

And I can’t even begin to think about what would have happened next.

My boyfriend was so scared that he spent the night sitting on the road near to my house so that he could immediately rush to me if something happens. (I got to know about this later from his mother.)

Thankfully, and really, I do thank the Lord for getting me through that night. Nothing happened to me. I was okay.

The Next Day!

I got another ultrasound done a day later, I was still pregnant of course, but at least I finally came to know that it is a normal pregnancy. I swear it was such a relief! I was 5 weeks pregnant by then.

Things were relatively easier after this with his family’s support. The doctor gave me the regular abortion pills and I was through the process within a week.

While things got okay for me and I was in good health, it really was awkward for my boyfriend to talk to his mom about my bleeding, cramps, ectopic pregnancy, uterus, fallopian tubes, last period and what not.

He couldn’t face his dad for the next three months even though he did not say anything to him. Thankfully, his entire family was really supportive.

Coming back to the present, I have wonderful relations with his family.

I almost feel like a part of them, and we never bring this up of course.

It does bother me that they know about it, but I think my gratitude and my love for them is much greater than this discomfort.

Here we have one more heartbreaking story of a famous lady. Please see it with your own eyes.

Lessons learned

Since the lady is always the receiving end in the case of pre-marital pregnancies, therefore, the below-mentioned lessons learned will be more or less applicable for them.

To date, there has been no guarantee from Medical Science with the ways and means of having sex, which will eliminate all possibilities of pregnancy.

In most cases of pre-marital sex, the ladies are always in lots of mental stress, and never find the act of love enjoyable.

Lesson 1: Loyal Partner? Most men desert their girlfriends, whenever the girls test positive for Pre Marital Pregnancy.

Generally, half of the girl’s energy is wasted in convincing the boy, that he is the father of her unborn baby and another half energy is wasted in getting over the problems related to Pre-Marital pregnancy.

But, in this case, the boyfriend, didn’t desert her alone.

He was next to his girlfriend, with his full family to help her out.

This is a very rare feat, ever witnessed in recent society.

So, it is very very important for ladies to be very very convinced before getting into bed with someone.

Be aware of anything and everything about that man.

Try to test him in and out of all relevant conditions. Let this exercise be the security step for your safety and well being in case you land up in this unwanted situation.

Learn the”Rules of Engagement” and “Harsh truth About Relationships“.

Team Explicit Facts has also compiled an elaborate article “Dream Gentleman: What Do Women Want?

Lesson 2: Best Parents? The boy had an excellent relationship with his parents so that without any fear of resultant backlash, he could share his problems with them.

Again this shows best parenting practices, where parents ensure complete trust for their offspring.

The girl didn’t share her problems with her own parents.

This clearly shows the loopholes in the girl’s parents’ parenting during her upbringing.

She was not at all confident of any support from her parents, even though her own life was at risk. A perfect example of “Parents for Name Sake”!


In the Indian Sub Continent, parents generally have unrealistic “Expectations From A Daughter“.

Every second family witnesses how Daughters Are Sacrificed For “Fake” Family Honour.

Also, the Indian Subcontinent is also very famous for “Honour Killing: For Fake Honour?

Know everything about your boyfriend’s family to the best of your abilities.

At least you should have met his parents and they should be very very comfortable with you.

Lesson 3: Sex Education. The girl and boy need to be conversant with sex education and good practices in bed. The rule needs to be very simple.

No sex education means no sex!

Although your male partner may keep pestering you for quick sex, with a promise that he will pull out his hard penis before ejaculation.

But, a million-dollar question is that…

Can you as a female control him? The answer is NO!

Will you be able to enjoy tat sex? No!

Can you guarantee that your male partner will share the burden of pre-marital pregnancy, just in case you get pregnant? No!

We don’t have the facility of Time Machine, which will take you to good times, in case something goes wrong!! And this is a million-dollar fact!

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Lesson 4: Medical Fraud. The medical fraternity tries to take full advantage of untimed medical emergencies.

In Pre-Marital pregnancies, both, the girl and boy get into stressful situations, where both generally agree to spend a fortune for the sake of easy getting away from this situation.

So, the medical fraternity in some case realize the panic and do take advantage by creating such a medical emergency, which is not realistic logic wise.

Just to understand this problem this issue has been adequately covered in Diabetes: A Billion Dollars Industry!

For that reason, every lady needs to know about the basic Biology of the female body and the issues related to Pregnancy.

Lesson 5: Be Financially Independent. Before your first encounter of consensual pre-marital sex, please ensure that enough money is available in your bank account so that you can handle the medical expenses to abort pre-marital pregnancy, at least two times in a row.

Learn the tricks of earning money.

Team Explicit Facts has compiled articles on the Rules of Money.

Also, every lady needs to know the Business Ideas, which will ensure tons of money, which will help them to enjoy their life to the fullest.

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