17 Silent Symptoms of a Hater

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17 Silent Symptoms of a Hater


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Without wasting any time, let’s dive into the topic, “17 Silent Symptoms of a Hater“.

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You Love to Hate?

This one is going to hit some of you as if someone has thrown a brick, right on your face. 

And if it doesn’t shock you, then you must indeed be knowing someone to whom you can toss this brick, bang on their face.

You might not like it for sure, but we call some of your bullshit out.

The brilliant souls will surely learn something from this, but it will trigger the actual haters.

Best of luck! 

You Feel that Your Are Always Right.

Just because you might answer all queries, that doesn’t mean that there can’t be other answers.

You will be utterly surprised to know that there will always be some answers even better than yours.

This concept is one of those things that all the school has unconsciously inserted into the student’s mindset: “There’s only one correct answer.”

The more you experience real-world situations, the more your mind expands.

You will start appreciating that an answer that may be working perfectly for you might not work for someone else.

SEMrushWe all are super complex beings wrapped up or engrossed in an even more complex socio-economic system.

We are sitting there, trying to force our cube perspective into the circle hole (that is everyone else).

The more you push yourself into the personal space of people around you, the fewer times people want to spend with you.

Putting Others Down Makes You Feel Powerful.

A big sign you’re a hater comes from the way you feel when you cut someone else’s wings – metaphorically speaking.

symptoms of a hater

You draw immense pleasure in causing pain and suffering, but you try to justify your actions as just a physiological step when confronted.


Because, you know, you don’t think of yourself as a sociopath or psychopath.

Respect is anytime more precious than fear!

If you want to become a healthy and vital member of any community, you first need to earn the trust and respect of people around you.


Because when the time comes, these people will stand up in your support and do whatever way they can to help you escape from the tough times.

In a socially driven economy, it’s not the most rugged or robust individual standing at the top of the food chain, but the one who has the most supporters, without any expectations of favours in return.

You Gossip and Love to Stir Up Drama.

symptoms of a hater

Gossip implies you’re sharing critical or confidential information of your peers or friends (which they shared with you due to implicit trust) to show your social reach within the society, just for the sake of gaining social power in a group.

You use or misuse the other people to put yourself on a pinnacle without any realisation that while playing such tricks, you’re self-sabotaging your image within your community.

As a thumb rule:

If someone is talking about someone else when they are not around, they will play the same trick with you, whenever you are not around, or the opportunity is presented.

Gossip and social drama are visible signs of an insecure and immature personality.

When Online You Say Things, You Would Never Say Face to Face.

Back in the day, to have a conversation, you had to be in the same room with someone or at least have some private contact information.

symptoms of a hater

One of the benefits of such a system was that you never heard from people who have no relationship with you.

They did the thing they felt like doing, and you did yours.

Today, you can be unemployed, neckbeard, and tweet the meanest possible things a person can imagine to someone.

Twitter has democratised the possibility of being an anonymous bully

If you feel that you symbolise the above personality, then maybe it’s time for you to re-evaluate everything about your present self.

How the fuck did you end up in the position of doing anything you can to get some reaction from someone who doesn’t care about whether you exist or not?

Are You Entitled to Other People’s Time or Attention?

Entitled people, where do we even start?symptoms of a hater

For some reason, haters overvalue their own time and undervalue the time of the people around them.

Yeah, you tweeted once about Rihanna, and she didn’t reply (just because she has better and more important things to do in their life); then you decide to leave 20 comments explaining how horrible she is, right?

For this type of hater, there’s nothing more important than themselves. They strongly feel that every planet in the galaxy revolves around them.

They will try to force you to stop working on yourself and expect you to divert all their time and resources to help them with your own thing, no matter what it is or whether it is beneficial or not.

They expect you to put their problems aside so that you can ensure 100% attention in solving their problems. 

Some of them might even expect you to thank them and feel blessed for the fortunate position you put yourself in while helping them.

You Follow People to Keep Track of Their Life.

We told you we would call you out on your Bull Shit in the most explicit form possible under the sun.

If you didn’t care about someone, why waste any amount of time, effort, and energy in stalking them both, online and offline.

symptoms of a hater

You have a fascination with them. 

Sometimes, even though whatever they are doing is appealing to you, the consensus among your peer is that you’re not supposed to like them.

So, you pretend not to. Now, this becomes your way of life!

When you’re on your own, you spend your time consuming what they are throwing on your face.

People bash reality TV shows as sheer nonsense, yet some have the highest viewership.

If you need a reality check, check the viewership history of ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’. The series has been going on for seventeen seasons, despite the worst viewers’ rating of all time!


Why hide behind a “curtain of hate” for the sake of justifying your fascination and accepting the fact that we love CRAP?

You Think: “You Could Do That”, But You Never Do.

How many times have you heard people looking at a Leonardo Da Vinci painting worth tens of millions of dollars, with a claim: “I could’ve done that!”

How many people watch a stand-up comedy show and feel like they could do it themselves as ten times better show?

symptoms of a hater

This happens even in the business space.

Once you become successful, people you surrounded you, initially, might think they could have done the same thing and achieved better results. 

At the bottom of your heart, even you know that you might even be one of those people yourself.

It’s easy to look at a Tom Hanks, a Donald Trump, a David Beckham and think that achieving the same, if not better results, would’ve been possible for you as well.

Because, indeed, the opportunity was there, but you didn’t have the discipline, the focus, and the drive to make it possible and achieve better results.

“Success is the result of consistently and continuously taking actions in the pursuit of achieving the dream goals for extended periods.”

These people and others have put in more work than ordinary people around them and focused on improving upon known deficiencies over time. 

They prefer to live out of their comfort zone.

It’s easy to look at a single piece of the problem and think you could have done it.

But that piece alone is not why successful people end up where they are toiny.

It’s because of all the pieces, slowly built and polished over the years!

“The life you live in the reflection of your actions taken every day!”

If you finally want to break free of this “jail of delusion” or “comfortable Cocoon” you’ve built for yourself, we too recommend that you should pick up a highly recommended book, Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink.

It might just be the book that cuts through all the bullshit that you’ve been telling yourself for years.

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You are Advising People, Not to Try at All Because They Might Fail.

Whenever people come to you with a new idea, you’re quick to shut them down.

It makes you feel smart.

You take the slightest chance of failure and stretch it like chewing gum.symptoms of a hater

You might even console or comfort yourself with personal examples of how you wanted to achieve the same results or success or something similar, and it just didn’t work out, and you achieved nothing but failure.

Plus, can you imagine what other people will gossip about you once you fail?

This is a perfect example of a “hater mindset”, where you’re not being constructive and not helping anyone in need.

All you are doing is nothing but working extra hard to make other people feel small and unworthy of their success.

We’re sure you can relate to the above points!

Life is full of crap!

If you were not the one who was putting others down, then definitely you must have been at the receiving end at some point in your life.

Either a partner, teacher or friend had made fun of your goals and dreams.

Haters find it extremely difficult to understand that failure is part of the process of becoming successful.Load WordPress Sites in as fast as 37ms! To achieve your goals, first, you must accept failure as bends in the road called “life”, instead of considering those failures as “end of the road”. You believe those failures as the essential part of your life journey and keep moving past them. 


Because this is how a hater’s mind processes the daily life circumstances.

They always look at failure as final and embarrassing. For them, failure is something you should avoid altogether.

This is the exact reason why haters never get the opportunity to experience what real success feels like.

You Secretly Wish You Did More with Your Life.

When you were young, you always believed that your life was full of obstacles and the limit of the sky. 

You thought that you were destined for greatness. 

You also were convinced that you were born different and was supposed to be the hero that saves the world!.

Well! At least that’s what you’ve been led to believe.

Everyone told you about the enormous potential and were meant to do important things.

But, in reality, the vast potential never surfaced.

You never achieved success in life the way you thought it would.

One small failure leads to another disaster.

The business idea never took off the ground, the way you saw in your dreams, but in reality, making you bankrupt.

You never finished authoring that book, painting the painting, singing the song, travelling the world, giving back; your plan to follow the passion got traded for the security of a mediocre existence.

You always believed that failures would be temporary, and at some point, you would get back with a bang in pursuit of your dream. 

But years passed by, and you’re still nowhere near your dram success.

You find comfort in the people around you, who themselves have been failed people like you.

When sharing your dreams and goals with them and they tell you about theirs.

Then you go back to being the same old mediocre person.

You are all aware of the shit reality and accept it as part of life you deserved in the end. 

But deep down within your heart, you always wondered what your life would have been like if things went the way you wanted.

This feeling of unrest has been residing deep with your soul for a while now, and it almost feels unfair.


Because you know what you are capable of, which makes us humans such exciting beings. 

“We judge others by their actions, yet we judge ourselves by our intent”.

You Secretly Want Something “They” Have.

The highest level of hate is when:

“You hate on someone, but secretly you would love to trade your life with theirs.”

We could have ended right here, but what, let’s keep digging, shall we?

It’s just you and us here right now. So, we can keep it honest between us? Can’t we?

When you’re alone and scrolling through their feed on Facebook and Instagram, you look at their holiday, graphic display of wealth, the respect people give them, the attention, the events, the glam, the success, the wealth.

You want all of it. You feel that you deserve every second of your life.

Of course, you would make some changes, and you’d keep true to yourself.

Your life would be a lot better if you lived like they are.

This feeling, this realisation that you are experiencing right now, is very conflicting. 

On the one hand, you’re disappointed with your life, annoyed by the fact that you believe they’re not worth the success they have.

And on the other hand, you realise and understand that you’re probably never going to get there if you keep going the way you have been going.

Do you want to know why?

Because you are so busy obsessing about other people, stalking them online for regular updates on their lives that you forget to worry about yourself. 

Instead of focussing on your goals, you would start working on the ways and means to get somewhere where they are right now.

We spend an entire year building our knowledge base and creating a unique framework that will teach you tips and tricks about breaking free from the slave mentality and focus your mind on these specific aspects of improving your life to the next level.

You Wait for the Other People to Fall Because They Don’t Deserve success.

You want others to fail, not because you want worse for them, but you want them to validate your inabilities and insecurities.

If they fail as well, it means that your failure is justified. symptoms of a hater

The success stories of others don’t inspire you if you fail. 

Instead, other’s success stories annoy you. The goal is unrealistic and even impossible to attain.

You know how hard you worked to achieve whatever you have with you right now. And you assumed that others didn’t care as much, yet you managed to get the result you wanted to achieve. 

You feel that life’s game is rigged against you. Everyone around you is waiting for you to fall with disgrace.

In the words of high school student Kevin Chang: “It’s not enough that I should succeed –others should fail.”

But what happens when you fail?

Not making it is somehow justifiable if nobody else makes it.

If you grew up in Eastern Europe, you might be familiar with the expression:

“It’s all fine as long as my neighbour’s sheep dies as well.”

A common saying is that one would prefer that everyone lives in misery than others having more than you. 

But what if others deserve what they achieved in their life?

What if you were not good enough, not smart enough to catch up with their success?

You didn’t work hard enough, and they did!

You Let Your Friends Know That You Are More Successful.

What would life be if you couldn’t do self boosting about your success, a little bit, especially when it comes to the people around you?

Truth be told! 

You’re living a mediocre life, and it’s just that some of your friends have it worse. 

There’s one person who has a 10% better life through variable circumstances in every group of friends than the rest but acts like he’s in a completely different league.

Many Instagram influencers travel in economy class flight tickets.

But for the sake of posting pics on their social media account, whenever possible before the flight takes off, they will seek into empty First class seats, where they will perform quick photoshoots while casually enjoying the ambience and showing off their fake success.

After the photo shoot is complete, they will return to their economy seat.

All your life, you’ve benchmarked or averaged your existence to the three to five friends you grew up with. 

You put them down. Your ego of doing better than your friends is more than enough. 

You rarely encourage your friends.

You love to boost yourself and explain how amazing you are to your friends. 

Truth be told.

You never met someone successful and superior to you. 

You’ve been living in a self-created bubble, where you feel great about your incredible life and are also scared to compete in an open arena to face the fact that you excel only in your mediocrity.

You are nothing more than the sum of the five people you spend most of your time with.

If you take pride in the fact that your friends are inferior to you, then you might need to reconsider your position on the ladder of success and try your level best to get out of your bubble. 

If you want to succeed in life, please keep this in mind.

“If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.”

The exceptions to those moments are when you give a Ted talk or enter any negotiation for a Billion Dollars deal!

You Make Excuses About Your Failures and How the Whole World is Against You.

Everybody knows at least one person, who always come up with an excuse for their failures due to reasons beyond their control, and some might even identify themselves. 

They always talk about this fantastic idea worth Billion of Dollars, but they never get to act on that idea to make it a reality because of an external force (which is nothing but an excuse). 

The economy turned upside down.

The customer didn’t get it.

The investor didn’t understand your Billion Dollars worth of an idea.

The boss didn’t appreciate you.

Your partner didn’t appreciate your feelings.

The time was never right and unfavourable.

You were not born in the correct country, in the right family and so on…

It’s always someone or something else who is responsible for your failures, and it’s never you the cause! 

You got rather good at using excuses for your inability to get out of problems. 

Now, you’ve justified it so much that you ended up believing your own. 

You Want Your Opinion to Matter, but Deep Down You Know It’s Crap.

You spend much time watching others doing their thing and achieving great success within a short span rather than concentrating on your own business.

You feel like you understand what’s happening, and your opinions are as valid as the bible.

So, what do you do?

symptoms of a hater

You take every opportunity to attack or troll. 

Especially now when you can troll online, with a fake profile on all social media platforms, that too with ZERO repercussions to your troll. 

Your only goal is to earn browny points on internet points through online trolls and cause the most harm without ever thinking how the person being trolled will react to the online abuse.

The person facing online abuse may commit suicide as the only solution to escape from this never-ending online harassment. 

This is how the “Cancel Culture” in full bloom right now got to where it is. 

Haters are out for “online blood” through online trolling. They fail to understand that people can grow and change because their lives haven’t changed enough.

Because their own life is full of failures, caused by their inactivity on their dream ideas, which they always assumed to be a “Billion Dollars Idea”!

Go to any review page or post on any social media platform, and you will see people giving their opinions on things they shouldn’t. 

They will list down 100 reasons why the item they are reviewing is shit, even though they cannot even produce an item or service, even half as good as the one they are studying about.

Do you know what they all have in common? 

They are spectators, not participants.

They are a band called HATERS.

How many people sitting on the sidelines or audience bench talking about the correct strategy of the cricket game played between two countries should be?

They can list out 100 tricks about winning the Football World Cup without ever qualifying to play for their National team even once. 

How many of them are quick to talk about how others should behave, act, invest, or live their lives?

Guess what, unless you can change the outcome or get to manipulate vote with your wealth (like it happened during the 2020 US Presidential Elections), you don’t have a say in this!

You Think Other People Got Lucky.

Of course, you are the person who deserves the praise. 

And because of the previously mentioned excuses, you never got to fulfil your complete potential dream. 

Everybody else got lucky!

They had help from their parents or mentors, and you never had access to people who opened the door for them and served them what was rightfully yours on a silver platter. 

They didn’t have to deal with the problems, what you’ve had to deal with, and they didn’t have the start the way you had.

Your classmate moves around in BMW, as their parents are wealthy, whereas you have to wait for the public transport to move around.

So, they shouldn’t get it. 

Your own experience is blinding you to the point where you cannot see beyond the surface, hiding the ultimate truth underneath. 

You are judging others based on your sheer assumption of what their life is all about.

You might even be right. 

Some people have it a lot easier than you did.

But that doesn’t take anything away from them still putting in the work.

We are responsible for making the most out of the hand that we’ve been dealt with, and their success doesn’t take away your ability to improve your own life. 

Here is a big takeaway that we want you to remember:

“Comparing yourself to others is the biggest killer of happiness! Feel blessed for what you have because you don’t know what the other person is missing.”

People Who Complain About Haters Are Generally Not Nice People.

If everyone around you is a hater, if nobody is even on your side, if you think everyone else is out to get you, then be assured that you’re not where you want to be in life. 

If you hate your haters, you’re a hater yourself! Be assured about these Explicit Facts.

Do you know why?

Because happy people are busy living their happy lives, ensuring that they are always too busy to care about haters or what other people think about them.

We strongly recommend that you do the same.

We’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. 

Maybe you got super unlucky and grew up in an environment where everyone is crazy.

But if you move and still run into fantastic/negative people, then the problem is with you!

Now, please don’t take this complete list as a personal attack!

Instead, we recommend that you keep at least a couple of these, preferably the ones related to your situation the most and try to improve upon them every day.

To improve our community of “Explicit Wellness” and to keep it honest between us, we’re curious to know:

Did you identify yourself in any of these?

It takes a healthy individual to self-analyze and be honest with oneself.

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