Why You Are Unhappy?

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Why You Are Unhappy?

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You Think Money Will Make You Happy?

At our Official website Explicit Facts, all we talk about is “Lifestyle” and “Money”. How come you’re telling us money won’t make us happy?

Money doesn’t have anything to do with happiness.

Money has to do with comfort, security, and freedom.

We will say this once so please pay attention for this might change your life forever you ready? If you are not happy when you are poor, you will not be happy when you’re rich.

Let that sink in for a second and really think about it.

Happiness is internal.

It is your attitude towards life.

Happiness occurs when your expectations meet your reality.

Please be careful how you use this information. It might break some while others will grow from it.

Married, but Unhappy?

After your office, you spend most of your time at home. Now if you are married to a partner, you are not happy with, then “You are bound to be doomed” and “God may save you”!

If you don’t use your head while selecting your life partner, where you get influenced by money, looks or social status, then the harsh truth will hit of you not loving your spouse will hit you one day. Mind you it will hit you very hard!

In today’s world, divorces are extremely expensive. Jeff Bezos, the backbone of the World’s largest Online selling platform Amazon, had to shell out $ 67 Billion plus as part of alimony while divorcing his wife. Now you are not lucky like him and may end up getting bankrupt while paying divorce alimony.

Also, when you are not happy with your marriage then you end up looking for love outside your marriage, resulting in an extra-marital affair, maybe just for quenching sexual thirst. But, life actually gets shitty and stressed out in every moment of the day, as you may end up getting blackmailed too!

You Think Just because You are Born You Deserve to be Happy?

The level of entitlement people have these days is mind-blowing.

Everyone thinks that just because at some point their parents had sex and they were winning sperm the world owes them everything.

Reality check… The world doesn’t owe you shit.

You’re not entitled to being happy!

You’re not entitled to success!

Nobody has to give you anything!

It’s funny that we’re in a point in our society where you actually need to explain to people that they need to work hard to achieve the things they want.

You want money work, you want to be happy, work towards happiness!

You want people to like you, guess what, you need to work on that also!

Funny how this point almost turned into a Rihanna song – Work work work work work.

You Think that Other People Should Make You Happy?

We had to expand on this since most of the people who are struggling with happiness believe that other people should bring happiness into their lives, which is total bullshit!

Yes, being in a positive relationship has its perks and exponentially grows the level of happiness that is already there, but you need to be happy in the first place.

We’ve heard it said so many times, “Dude! I’ll be happy when I get myself a girlfriend!” Or on the female side, “Gal! I’m going to be so happy after he asks me to marry him.”

We return to our number one rule. If you are not happy before, you’re not going to be happy afterwards!

Nobody wants to be with an unhappy individual!

So the solution to your problem is to make peace with yourself and be happy just the way you are. Because people are attracted to happiness.

You Expect Life to be Like You’ve Seen in Movies?

Remember what we said earlier in this article. Happiness is where your reality meets your expectations. Okay?

We are really honest with you and this might hurt. Not everybody gets to be Salman Khan or Madhuri Dixit in the “Hum Aapke Hain Kaun”.

Your life is not a scripted movie where everything just falls in line for you to be happy in the end.

Shit will happen and there’s an actual chance that you’ll end up miserable if you don’t do something about it.

You are a lot more likely to end up being one of the elderly extras in the background than the lead of the movie.

Many people live through life without doing the work or positioning themselves as potential lead but they have the expectations of one. That’s when your reality doesn’t match the expectations and you end up being unhappy.

Instead of dreaming of what-ifs, you should work with what you’ve got and make the best out of your actual reality.

Do you Watch Too Much TV?

Here we go again. Believe it or not, there’s very little happiness on TV.

The majority of newscasts are meant to shock you to keep you on alert so you continue watching. Very few positive news stories make it on TV and when they do they get overshadowed by all the negative ones.

For example – despite terrorism being an all-time low right now, considering the past 50 years. Due to media “Explosive Coverages”, you will be forced to think the world has gone mad.

This is meant to scare you because people who are scared are easier to control.

Scared people also have a negative view on life and turn out to be less happy which again makes them more obedient and more likely to accept an invasion into their freedom in exchange for a bit of security.

You Spend Too Much Time on Social Networks?

From TV we move on to Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

What do you do there?

You stalk other people who showcase how amazing their life is.

The problem with social media is that it’s a “Curated or Controlled Environment”, where people choose to showcase only the positives in their lives! Like never before we have the option to look into the lives of celebrities and others, only to see the reality they wish to portray online.

You rarely see the struggles, the pain, the suffering, the sleepless nights, and the depression.

Nobody wants to seem vulnerable yet they choose to showcase their success, their happiness and you end up believing that’s all there is to their lives.

When compared to yours it seems like you’re falling short.

Do you have Bad Relationships with Your Siblings and Family?

People underestimate the power of a strong support group. Family is probably the strongest one available around one’s life.

There are very few people out there who care more about you than your family and your spouse included.

Despite the media pushing the individual agenda, there is so much power and a strong family bond, that people just fail to recognize.

Not all families are created equal and believe it or not most of them are kind of screwed up in at least a few ways but amazing things happen when you overcome that and build happiness together.

You Don’t Own a Pet?

We’ve seen people try seminars, medication, and all other gimmicks, in order to fake happiness into their own lives. But we’ve never seen anyone sad while holding a puppy.

Dogs and pets, in general, have extreme quantities of happiness that they wish to share with those they care about.

Spending 15 minutes playing with your dog can turn anyone stay around.

It’s been proven that people are more likely to expose their true self to an animal than to other people.

The idea that your pet loves you even though you’re a quirky individual is directly correlated to the level of trust and happiness you share with them.

You Love Junk Foods?

Happiness is directly correlated to your health. Just accept it as a pinch of salt.

If you’re healthy, if you’re in shape you’re likely to be happier than someone who isn’t.

Junk food or better said “Comfort Food” is the biggest Lie of this World!

Your problems will not go away if you shove five burgers in your face or if you cry yourself to sleep while eating ice cream.

The first step out of a rough patch should always be getting to a healthier state from a physical perspective. Because frankly speaking, it’s easier to do than the mental state at that point.

Once you achieve that, once your body is healthy working on your state of mind should be a lot easier.

You Live in the Past and Continue to Go Over It?

Sad people live in the past. This is because they believe their best days are behind them and if your best days are in the past all the days ahead of you will be shittier than those.

Now that’s where you’re wrong kiddo.

Life doesn’t come with a prepared Road for each of us.

Leave the past behind where it should be and focus on what’s up ahead.

In just a couple of years, you could turn your entire life around.

Anything is possible!

You can get a fresh start every single day unless you’re dumb enough to screw up the little freedom that you still have.

You are Not Decisive Enough When it Counts?

You need to pull up and make clear decisions and move forward with those choices.

People panic when they’re faced with multiple options.

Up to a point where they don’t make any choice because they’re scared of making the wrong one. This state of insecurity directly impacts your happiness.

Make the choice be bold and live with it there are no what-ifs.

You’ve made your choice focus on what you’re doing now.

Too many people wait too long for this and miss out on great things because they were just too afraid to act at the right time.

You Surround Yourself with Unhappy People?

How many times have we said it?

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. If you in the company of four poor or unhappy people then you are the fifth one!

If the people you hang out with are unhappy guess how you’ll be.

We’ve touched on this when discussing family and how the support group can build you up. The opposite is true as well.

The people around you have the power to influence your reality so please please be careful on who you bring into your inner circles.

You’re scared of trying new things

Happiness comes from growth and growth doesn’t happen while you’re sitting on your couch watching sports and eating fries.

Every time we mentioned sportspeople go crazy.

Trying new things is how you discover who you really are.

What are the things you like?

What are the things you don’t like?

What things make you happy and what doesn’t?

Find the things that make you happy and then do those things. It’s really not complicated yet people try to make it sound hard.

You Hate Your Job but You Won’t Do Anything About It?

Life is hard, especially early on until you figure out what the main rules are.

There’s nothing wrong with working a job you don’t like as long as it gets you closer to where you really want to go.

The trick is to never get so caught up that it takes your freedom of leaving away.

Do the job, get paid, and use the money to improve yourself, your skillset in the direction you wish to go.

If the job isn’t doing then spend time and resources until you find one that facilitates your growth.

Again the world doesn’t owe you a job that makes you happy you need to get that yourself

You Never Meditate?

Meditation is a really important subject that will probably go into detail over in a dedicated article since it’s been such an important part of our journey.

Meditation isn’t that mix of yoga, scented candles and people going “OM”, that you think it. It’s more like putting your thoughts, your mind in order.

Think of it as spring cleaning for your mind, you take all of the things that are buzzing around in your head and sort them out.

You prioritize things until you’re left with a good and clean mindset.

Once you know the things that are important to you, you can focus on those.

Having an organized mindset will dramatically boost your chances of a happy and successful life.

Don’t Pursue Happiness! You Create It?

Let me say that again so it sticks with you. You don’t pursue happiness! You create it!

There is a subtle difference there that not many will be able to figure out but once you do your entire life changes.

The goal isn’t to hunt down things that make you happy. It’s to become the creator of happiness for yourself and those around you.

A more relevant topic is discussed in the Tedx talk video shown below.

Courtesy – Youtube

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